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10 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

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While homes build equity over time, you can also undertake steps that will increase your property’s overall value and, as a result, promise significant returns on your investment. Here are 10 home improvement projects that will help you achieve your goal.

  1. Create space.

    Open floor plans are increasingly popular. It’s because such configurations allow homeowners to play around with the space and make the most out of what they have. Open spaces also give the impression that the house is much larger, especially when there is good flow in between spaces.

    To create some space, all you need to do is to knock down some walls that aren’t integral to the house’s overall structure.

  2. Maintain the landscaping.

    Landscaping greatly affects a home’s curb appeal. Aside from having an effect on its attractiveness, a well-maintained yard can also protect your home from disrepair. Poorly cared for trees and shrubs can, after all, wreck havoc on your property.

  3. Let the light in.

    Light and ventilation enhances the appeal of your property. A nice way to set the mood is to add light dimmers. Sun tubes also allow natural light inside the home. Fixing or replacing your windows can help as well.

  4. Don’t skip regular maintenance.

    Every month, walk through your home and address any repairs or issues. Some upkeep only need your attention once in a while. Taking regular care of your home allows you to make sure it’s in great shape– and save money in the process.

  5. Add green features.

    Green is in! Energy-efficient heating/air-conditioning systems, solar power, and other environment-friendly features and utilities will make your house more valuable and attractive.

  6. Patch up the floor.

    Replace broken tiles, add some nails to eliminate squeaks, and if the need calls for it, get a new floor. Engineered hardwoods are highly recommended, as they wear well and last a long time.

  7. Update your bathroom/s.

    Your bathroom can significantly increase (or decrease) the value of your home. What you can do range from minor updates (fresh caulk, new knobs) to major updates (new toilet, a bathtub). Regardless of what you spend, an updated bathroom will add value to your home.

  8. Upgrade the kitchen.

    Another room you should pay attention to is the kitchen. The so-called heart of the home, minor remodels in the kitchen can already increase your home’s value. New backsplash, stainless steel features and appliances, and an island are great additions as well.

  9. Paint the walls a neutral color.

    When it comes to wall color, stay away from bright hues or dark colors and stick to nice, neutral tones. Aside from looking incredibly fresh and modern, neutral-colored walls appeal to all genders and allow prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in the house.

  10. Add storage.

    People have a lot of stuff, and they need places to put those items in. Storage is an attractive home feature, and offering lots of it will endear your property to buyers. More importantly, it also adds to your home’s overall value.

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