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4 Tips to Keep Your Luxury Home Safe

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If you pass by a luxury home, it is fairly safe to assume that the interior is just as nice as the exterior. Luxury homes are usually filled with top of the line electronics, expensive jewelry, pieces of artwork, and other pricey items. Unfortunately, most thieves are well aware of this fact.

If you have recently purchased a luxury home, you will need to take special care to protect your possessions. Fortunately, these four safety tips can help to cut down on your risk of a home invasion.

Safety Tip #1: Avoid obvious hiding places for your spare key.

While it is never a good idea for anyone to hide a spare key in one of the obvious places, luxury homeowners should be even more careful. Upscale homes are already more of a target for potential thieves, so you will not want to make it any easier to get in than it has to be.

If you need to leave a spare key out, leave it with a trusted neighbor. If this is not an option, make sure that your hiding spot is unusual and extremely difficult to find. Do not leave your key under the welcome mat or a potted plant, in the mailbox, or on top of the door frame.

Safety Tip #2: Install strong deadbolts in exterior doors and use them.

Another common mistake that makes your home easier to break into is to leave without locking the deadbolt. Many people just lock the doorknob and pull the door closed when they are in a hurry. These doorknob locks are extremely easy to pick or jimmy open, letting potential thieves quickly and quietly slip into your home.

A good deadbolt will penetrate the doorframe, going at least an inch into the frame. The bolt itself should be made from a strong material such as brass or another durable metal.

Safety Tip #3: Use your alarm system.

Most luxury homes have an alarm system installed, but the owners are not always diligent about using it. Make sure you turn on the alarm system when you are away. Put up signs or stickers in your windows and near your doors. This will alert potential intruders that there is an alarm system in place. In many cases, these thieves will leave in search of easier prey.

Safety Tip #4: Make it look like someone is home.

If you are going to be gone for a long period of time, make sure that you set up timers for your lamps. If you establish a pattern of being gone at a certain time or for several days in a row, this can make your home more of a target.

Putting several lamps on timers can help make it look like someone is home even when the house is empty. You can also add timers to your TV or radio to enhance the illusion.

If you have automated curtains or drapes, make sure that they stay on their regular schedule even when you are away.

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