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7 Features Luxury Home Buyers are Looking For


A luxury home is one that’s well-appointed to make the owner feel regally pampered.

Where luxury once connoted antique furnishings, grand staircases, and rare art, now it refers to state-of-the-art technologies, sleek styling, and cutting-edge construction materials or engineering, among other things.

Here’s a look at seven of the most popular luxury home features as seen in many fast-selling high-end properties on the market.

  1. Open floor plan

    Open floor plans are the preferred choice of home buyers today – with living rooms flowing seamlessly into dining rooms and kitchens. The effect is one of airiness and spaciousness. Open floor plans, where family members can interact freely, are highly sought-after luxury features because of the convenience they add to the lifestyle experience.

  2. Outdoor kitchens

    Outdoor features are just as important as indoor ones when it comes to luxury home buyers. The way a home is able to strike the perfect balance between the two makes for a very desirable property. An outdoor feature like a kitchen should come with a gas grill, food prep area, sink, a ref, and storage. Having an outdoor kitchen makes al fresco dining, pool parties, barbecues, and casual get-togethers with friends and family a convenient option.

  3. Smart technology

    When it comes to technology, today’s homeowners want it all—audio and video systems capable of communicating with one another, appliances that can be controlled with a smartphone app, dimmer switches that run on a time schedule, and a state-of-the-art security system. These are just some of the built-in tech features that luxury homebuyers increasingly want to see before signing the dotted line.

  4. Game and theater rooms

    Elaborate gaming and movie rooms make homeowners feel that they don’t have to leave the comforts of their home for great entertainment. Additionally, lavish sports bars, personal gyms, and spas take this trend even further.

  5. Infinity pools

    Pools are not uncommon in luxury homes, but luxury buyers today want something extra. Infinity pools with stunning views are currently one of the most coveted features in the luxury home market.

  6. Expansive walk-in closets

    The latest upscale closets look and do more than the walk-ins of old. Today, they mimic the plush lounges in luxury stores, complete with a coffee table, couch, brightly lit display cases, and a closet island to keep smaller items organized.

  7. Advanced security systems

    Security features are a primary consideration when it comes to luxury home buyers. Indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion alarm systems, and 24/7 monitoring by security companies and more can provide them the peace of mind and reassurance they need to feel safe in the home they are about to buy.

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