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Brevard Zoo – a must-visit!

Family feeding giraffe in a zoo

Brevard Zoo offers guests a close-up and personal look at animals that they might not otherwise encounter. This zoo is home to over 165 unique species of animals that come from countries around the world. Here, adults and kids of all ages can play fun games, experience the interactive exhibits, and marvel at nature’s diversity.

More than 650 animals call Brevard Zoo home. This list includes species that can be found right here in Florida as well as species that come from as far as Africa, Asia, South America, and even Australia. Stop by the Brevard Zoo to learn more about these exotic animals and get up close and personal with some of the largest land animals in the world.

Admission rates are reasonable, with adult tickets selling for $15, senior tickets selling for $14, and child tickets selling for $11. Kids under 2 years of age are free, so bring the little ones along to join in the fun.

The zoo also includes a 22-acre nature preserve. This area can be explored by paddle boat, delighting guests of all ages. In this exhibit, you will be able to get up close and personal with Florida’s local wildlife and see for yourself the beauty of the wetlands. Another area will let guests rent kayaks to explore the local waterways.

If you really want to get up close and personal with the animals, you can wander over to the safari exhibit. Here, guests can get specially formulated food that they can then feed to the giraffes. Kids will talk for weeks about the day they fed the giraffe and parents will be happy to know that they gave their kids an educational experience while also contributing to the zoo’s conservation efforts.

Continue on to the touch tanks for another unforgettable interactive experience. Bird feeding is also available in another part of the zoo, so make sure you fully explore the exhibits to make sure that you do not miss any opportunities.

On hot days, kids can cool off in the water play area. Young children tend to have a short attention span, so this area is a great place to take a quick break from the animal exhibits and enjoy a little bit of kid-friendly fun.

Older kids will enjoy the physical challenge of the Treetop Trek aerial adventure. This obstacle course includes 14 exhilarating zip lines as well as several climbing and crawling sections. While the course is marketed towards older kids, there are three different levels, each of which is more challenging than the last. Guests of all ages, children, and adults, will be able to undertake a fun, physical challenge during the Treetop Trek.

These animals come from around the world and Brevard Zoo has brought them right to your doorstep. While living near such an amazing zoo is a definite perk, living in this area has countless benefits. Learn more about the area’s best features by browsing this website or contacting Francine McElhenny at 772.925.9587 or francine(at)francinekidder(dotted)com.