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Great Tips for Advertising Your Home

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Your local real estate market will play a huge role in determining how quickly your home will sell. Depending on your the area, your neighborhood might be experiencing a buyer’s market or a seller’s market.

In a seller’s market, good advertising can help you fetch a higher price for your home. In a buyer’s market, good advertising is even more important. Good advertising can mean the difference between selling your home and letting your listing expire without receiving any good offers.

Either way, you can help to attract potential buyers by advertising your home in the best possible light. Keep these tips in mind when you begin the process of listing your home for sale.

Advertising Tip #1: Take high-quality photos of the outside of your home.

Most buyers begin their property search by looking at online listings. If your photos do not show your home in the best possible light, potential buyers might just scroll past instead of taking a closer look at the property listing. Your listing should include good photos of the front of your home as well as interior photos.

Your exterior photos should focus on the house and yard. Crop out sidewalks and streets. Make sure that your vehicles are not parked in the driveway or in front of the house. Clear any clutter out of your yard and off your front porch. Make sure your grass is cut and your shrubbery is trimmed. Poorly maintained landscaping will make buyers assume that the house is also poorly maintained, even when this is not necessarily the case.

Your photos should include close up photos as well as zoomed out images. Avoiding taking pictures of your home when it is in the shadows. This means that you might have to plan ahead and take different angles at different times of the day. Photos taken in direct sunlight (but not facing the sun) will almost always look best. Taking good pictures is one of the most important things you can do to attract potential buyers.

Advertising Tip #2: Set up a virtual tour.

While it is important to take good photos of the interior of your home, you can take this advertising tip one step farther by setting up a virtual tour of your home. This can include a video or a 360-degree photo of each room. The idea is to lead a potential buyer through the home, showing them each room as they “walk” through the property. Your virtual tour should start at the front door and then explore the rest of the home.

Advertising Tip #3: Add For Sale signs to your yard and neighborhood.

Assuming it is not against the regulations of your homeowner’s association, you will want to place a For Sale sign in your yard. If you live on a quiet street, you might also want to consider placing a sign with arrows at the intersection of a busier street.

To learn more about how to market your home, contact Francine McElhenny at 772.925.9587 or francine(at)francinekidder(dotted)com. These experienced agents understand the local market and will be able to help you fetch the best possible price for your home.