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Why Should You Sign With A Real Estate Agent?


If you are seriously interested in purchasing a home, you have probably been browsing the websites of various real estate agents. Perhaps you have even met with one or two. Once you find a real estate agent that you trust and are comfortable with, you should sign with them to seal the deal. Agreeing to be represented by a real estate agent is one of the most important steps you can take towards buying a home.

When should I sign with a real estate agent?

Most experienced real estate professionals will want you to sign a buyer’s agreement before they begin showing you homes. If you have met with an agent a couple of times but are not sure if they are a good fit, tell the agent this up front and move on to interviewing other potential agents.

What are the benefits of being represented by a real estate agent?

The short answer is that most sellers are represented by a real estate agent. Hiring an agent as a buyer can help to even the playing field. Real estate agents can offer personalized advice about the market trends in a particular area, letting you know which homes are a good deal and which are not. Buyers need someone looking out for their best interests so that they do not end up getting the short end of the stick when closing on a home.

Buyers are always looking to get the lowest price possible while sellers are hoping to get the highest price possible. This means that each party’s real estate agent has to negotiate to find a final sale price that is acceptable to both parties. If a buyer does not have adequate representation, they will probably end up paying a higher than necessary price for the home. Make sure you sign a buyer representation agreement so that you will have someone in your corner to help with the negotiations.

What is a buyer representation agreement?

Before you begin searching for a home, most real estate agents will ask that you sign a buyer representation agreement. This document states that if the buyer purchases a property within a certain period of time – usually around six months – the real estate agent will get credit for the sale. This helps protect the agent from spending weeks showing homes and then getting cut out of the process right before the sale is finalized. While not all real estate agents require this, it is common practice and should not be seen as a red flag.

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