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Throwing the Best Florida Housewarming Party: Tips & Tricks

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Now that you’ve moved into your new home, it’s time to celebrate with friends and family. Here are some housewarming tips and tricks.

  1. Make plans

    Pick a date and time for the party. Make sure that you’ve settled down by then. Decide whether this will be a quick drop-in situation or will guests stay the whole afternoon? Make a list of who’s invited – this may also include your new neighbors. A housewarming party is a great opportunity to meet other residents.

    Likewise, you should decide whether you’ll be serving casual bites and drink or a full course dinner for the guests. If you’re not up to making kitchen preps, you can hire a caterer or order food from a nearby restaurant.

    You can also choose a theme, whether it’s 1970s disco or a Hawaiian holiday. Just keep in mind that themed parties require more preparation. You’ll also have to dish out on party favors and decorations.

  2. Send out invites

    Send out invitations to guests – usually a one- or three-week notice is enough time for them to RSVP. One week for a casual drop by event, and three for a larger and more formal gathering. Include a “respond by” so that you’ll have a head count and a clear idea of how much work to do within a certain time frame. If you’re having a themed party, the invitations should be decorated accordingly.

  3. Give good directions

    If you have guests coming from out of town, make sure to give good directions. The same goes for guests who are visiting your new home for the first time. Link them to Google Maps online, and produce a copy of the map if you intend to send out physical invitations. Mention easy-to-spot landmarks and give a rough estimate of their travel time depending on where they’ll be coming from.

  4. Tidy up

    Moving to a new home can be a messy process, and you might still have some boxes lying around. Make sure that you have enough time to tidy up before the housewarming party. The home should be in a presentable state, especially if you intend to give guests a tour of the property.

  5. Prep the bathroom

    Stock up on hand soap, toilet paper, and fresh towels for the party. Bring in an air freshener or a reed diffuser to keep the bathroom smelling good. Make sure that all your guests know where to find the bathroom, and that they have access to the supplies mentioned above.

  6. Give guests a tour of the home

    As the host of the party, you’ve got to be able to answer the door and greet guests as they arrive. Tour them around the property, and be ready to talk about stand-out features or improvements you had made. You can also let them do self-guided tours of the home as they wish.

  7. Serve finger food

    If guests will be walking about and touring the home, it is ideal to serve casual finger foods like sandwiches, spring rolls, sushi, or canapés. You can serve a different selection of finger food in each room so that each space has its own culinary surprises.

    If you intend to have a sit-down dinner for the party, get the menu ready in advance. Make sure that there will be enough seating for your guests. Ask about food allergies and dietary restrictions ahead of time in order to accommodate their food preferences.

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