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4 Little-Known Facts About Indian River County, Florida

Indian River County, Florida

The beautiful and vibrant Indian River County lies some 67 miles southeast of Orlando, Florida. Those who have discovered this hidden gem know that it’s got everything – stunning beaches, never-ending activities, delicious eats, and the friendliest residents. The cities of Sebastian, Fellsmere, and Vero Beach – each with a distinct identity – are located within the rural Indian River County.

If you’re thinking of possibly moving here, check out the following little-known facts to further pique your interest:

  1. Indian River County was named after a lagoon

    Indian River County was once known as Vero and was under the Fort Pierce government in St. Lucie County. After years of oppression from Fort Pierce, the Vero townspeople successfully fought to pass a bill that would remove them from the jurisdiction of St. Lucie. Vero then became Indian River County, named after the Indian River Lagoon that runs along the eastern side of the county.

  2. Vero Beach is home of the “Old Vero Man”

    The “Old Vero Man” isn’t a who but a what. The nickname was given to a rare  find of fossilized human bones. In 1915, a Florida State geologist discovered what could be the oldest human remains in North America. The excavation site has been dubbed “Old Vero Man Site” and is a popular tourist spot.

    Other discoveries from this site are the remains of prehistoric animals like mammoths, mastodons, and saber-toothed cats. You can learn more about the area through The Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee’s website.

  3. A Spanish fleet shipwrecked along Sebastian’s coast left many treasures

    “X” marks the spot in this majestic city! In 1715, 11 treasure-filled Spanish ships were headed back to Spain when they were shipwrecked by a hurricane. While it was unfortunate for the ship, it proved lucky for Floridians centuries later. Many divers and treasure hunters have already chanced upon a trove of gold coins that are currently worth millions of dollars.

  4. Fellsmere is the Frog Leg Capital of the world

    Every town has its own claim to fame and for Fellsmere, it’s being the Frog Leg Capital of the world. For the past 26 years, the city has been hosting the Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival and participants keep growing every year. Festival goers get to choose between chomping on frog legs or chewing on gator tail. The event has earned two Guinness World Records – for Most Frog Legs Served in One Day and Largest Frog Festival in the World.

    The Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival also raises funds for the town’s recreational facilities and children’s programs. Read on about this unique event on their official website.

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