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Property types abound, whether you choose to invest in Indian River County or Brevard County real estate. One of the types you’ll come across is new construction homes.

Read more to find out why new construction properties are worth your investment, and how you can successfully close a deal.

What is a new construction home?

New construction homes are pretty straightforward. As its name implies, they are brand new properties, usually sold before construction. New construction homes are like blank slates– without previous owners, you’re given free rein to turn it into the home you want it to become.

Since most new construction homes are sold pre-construction, model homes are built to allow interested buyers to review the whole property. By doing so, buyers are already familiar with the property, from finishes to furnishings. Discounts are common during the early selling process, and can come in the form of price cuts or even upgrades.

The level of customization you’re allowed as the owner, however, depends on whether or not the floor plan is a custom one. So before you commit to a new construction property, determine whether floor plans and even the architectural style of the properties are customizable.

Perks of buying new construction

Here are some of the pros you’ll definitely enjoy when you invest in a new construction home:

  • Modern features – Since these are brand new properties, they are usually equipped with modern and on-trend features, such as open floor plans, eat-in kitchens, and other design elements. These properties also often abide new construction rules and are considerably more energy-efficient than their resale counterparts.
  • No need for DIY upgrades – Most of the work on the property will be done during the construction process, depending on specifications and upgrades you paid. By the time you move in, you won’t need to paint rooms, make repairs– all the things people often do when they purchase and move into to resale homes.
  • It’s all yours. You don’t need to worry about previous owners who are still emotionally attached to the property, or issues that come with an old home. This brand-new property is yours and yours alone.

Other things to remember about new construction

  • Broaden your search. While you can find listings for new constructions in real estate websites, it would also be wise to keep your eyes peeled for advertisements, whether on newspapers, pamphlets, or even online.
  • The earlier you buy, the better discounts you get. The best discounts often go to first buyers, so if you’re after freebies, be on the lookout for new residential developments. This, however, means you’ll be committing to a property early, so make sure your mind is set on that home.
  • New construction homes aren’t all available at once. Most developers build and release new construction homes by batches or phases, which would be determined by location in the whole development. Some even sell new construction properties by phases as well. In this case, the last phase might sell the homes for more, especially if the land has appreciated.

New homes for sale in Vero Beach, FL

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