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Buying a Florida Vacation Home: A Checklist

Florida Vacation Home

What’s not to love about Florida? The sun, sand, and ocean water lure visitors to stay for long vacations or quick weekend getaways โ€“ if not settle down permanently. Throw in Florida’s vibrant spirit and warm-weather lifestyle to make living in the Sunshine State an always desirable option.

If you’re thinking about getting a vacation home in Florida, here’s what you should do before you buy your home away from home.

  1. Check out the area

    The most important part of buying a vacation home is deciding on the location. Are you bent on living in a well-known tourist spot or are you leaning towards a more relaxed time in more rural environs? If you know what you want โ€“ or don’t want โ€“ that immediately narrows down your choice. Learn more about the communities or neighborhoods you prefer so you can make an informed decision.

    Also, consider the distance between your primary residence and your potential vacation home. It’s best to pick an accessible location with a short traveling time so you can visit more often and make the most of your investment.

  2. Calculate the costs

    Aside from the cost of buying your vacation house, you will also have to pay for insurance, mortgage, utilities, and more. Take a cold, hard look at your finances to get a clear idea of the kind of home you can purchase without unduly compromising your lifestyle. Don’t forget to factor in maintenance costs as well.

  3. Decide on how often you’ll visit

    It’s also important to know how frequently you intend to visit so your vacation home is worth the buy. If you can’t use your second home as often as you might wish, you have the option of renting it out. The extra income it generates can go into offsetting house expenses. If this sounds viable, draw up a plan for renting out your home.

  4. Hire someone to watch over the house

    Since you’ll be away most of the time, hire someone who can look after your property. A housekeeper or a property manager will be a big help, especially when the house is being rented out. A housekeeper can clean the house and do the laundry, while a property manager can deal with possible renters.

  5. Protect your home

    An empty house is likely to attract burglars. Add extra layers of security by installing CCTV cameras and alarm systems. You could also ask your housekeeper or property manager to turn the lights on at night to make it look as if the house is occupied.

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