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Common Inspection Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Make

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A home inspection plays an important role in the buying and selling process, helping uncover potential issues and major defects in a home. Here are some common mistakes buyers and sellers make when getting a home inspection.

  1. Waiting too long to hire an inspector

    Too often, buyers and sellers put off hiring an inspector.

    Ideally, buyers should order a home inspection before making an offer. Waiting too long to hire an inspector can cause delays in the buying process. It will take you longer to close the deal, leading to more frustration.

    Sellers should work with an inspector when preparing their home for a sale. A full report will make sellers aware of issues and defects, allowing them to make repairs ahead of time.

  2. Failing to scrutinize the inspector’s credentials

    Resist the urge to go for the inspector with the lowest rate without doing a thorough background check. Buyers and sellers should ask inspectors about their qualifications and certifications before hiring them. Find out what kind of training they’ve received, how long they’ve been inspecting homes, and whether or not they’re insured.

    Ask them what they did before becoming a home inspector – ideally, they should have a background in contracting and home building.

    It’s also important to ask if they do home inspections full time or part time. It’s generally more advisable to hire inspectors who work full time, since this indicates that there is enough demand for their services that enables them to live off their trade.

    Moreover, you should hire someone who stays current on the latest news and developments in home inspection.

  3. Not attending the home inspection

    Attending the inspection is highly recommended, since it allows you to grasp the full magnitude of the report. It lets you follow the inspector around and ask questions about the home. The inspector will also go over his findings while on the site. Although it is not the inspector’s job to tell you whether you should buy or sell the home, they can make recommendations on repairs and maintenance.

    A typical home inspection takes about two-and-a-half to three hours. Larger and older homes usually take longer, so make time in your schedule. You can rush a home inspection, but it is not recommended.

  4. Not reading the report

    Buyers and sellers make the mistake of just scanning the report, when they should be reading it thoroughly. The document should discuss issues and make recommendations using concise language. A full report typically contains 60 to 100 photos, allowing buyers and sellers to easily understand the issues that have been stated in the report.

  5. Skipping the pre-listing inspection

    Sellers often make the mistake of leaving the inspection up to the buyer. This practice gives them little to no time to make repairs and prevent the sale from falling through.

    Completing a home inspection before putting the home on the market gives the seller more time to make repairs. With more time, sellers can shop around for supplies and contractors, which helps keep the costs down. This also helps reduce the number of days the home stays on the market. The buyer will also have peace of mind knowing that repairs have been made.

  6. Not preparing the home

    Make sure that the home is in good condition before engaging an inspector. Clear away the clutter, make sure all entry points are accessible, and remove obstacles like bulky or heavy furniture and debris. Prepping the home allows the inspector to do their job quickly and more effectively.

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